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Rule of the game

The game is divided into levels. Push a fly to make it fall. You have to make all the flies of each level fall in the allotted time in order to reach the next level. Far enough in the game you may unlock two special bonus modes: Boss Fights and God's Hand. Finish level 160 to unlock the Boss Fights mode. Finish level 24 in Boss Fights mode to unlock the God's Hand mode.

Title screen

From title screen you are able to get back to where you were in the game when you left it (Play button). You are also able to start a new game (New game button) or quit the game (Quit button). Notice that there is no Play button if the game does not find a saved game. Also, starting a new game replaces the current saved game if any. From this screen, you're able to cut off the sound. Push the active speaker button button to cut off the sound. Push the disabled sound button button to reactivate the sound. This setting is preserved even if you quit the game. You are able to read the legal information of the game (i information button button), to the manual you are reading (manual button button) and to the website you are browsing (ylminigames icon button). Far enough in the game, when the "Boss Fights" and "God's Hand" modes are unlocked, you will get two new corresponding buttons.

Title screen visual

Game screen

The game screen is divided in 3 parts. An information bar, a bonus bar and the play area.

Game screen visual

Information bar

The information bar gives following information:

  • The current level.

  • The time spent on the level and the allotted time to finish, in seconds.

  • The number of flies remaining and the total number of flies at the level.

At the right end of the information bar is the pause button (Pause button visual button).

Information bar visual

Pause / play

Push the pause button pauses the game (obviously) and displays the title screen during the pause. To return to the current game, simply press Play.


Throughout the levels of Flies, fly away! you will encounter different flies. Each fly species moves at a different pace. In addition each species is more or less resistant to your pressures. For exemple, this fly visual of the most common fly in the game will fall in a single press, this one visual of the second most common fly in the game two pressures, and that one visual of the third most frequent fly in the game three. It's up to you to discover the necessary number of pressures for the other flies.

Boss flies

The Boss flies are fast and very resistant! Their resistance is represented in a white bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar becomes gray as you touch the fly. The Boss fly fall when the bar is completely gray. Far enough in the game the Boss fly is not all alone. The white bar will then represent the cumulative resistance of all the flies on the screen. You will encounter a Boss fly from the first level of the game. The first Boss flies will be big enough and only their great resistance can make you fail. The following ones are more and more difficult because they are more and more fast and resistant. Also, watch out for their small size or they will slip through your fingers! Use your bonuses wisely!

First boss visual


With a growing number of flies and more and more difficult bosses you will need bonuses to get throughout the levels. You will regularly have the opportunity to catch some. The bonus bar shows the stock of each bonus. Each stock is limited to 9. You activate a bonus by pressing the corresponding button the bonus bar. The bonus remains enabled until the end of the current level except the lightning. The red outline of a bonus button enabled bonus button visual showing the red outline shows that it is enabled. You are allowed to cumulate bonuses for more efficiency, especially against some recalcitrant bosses. Their are four different bonuses in Flies, fly away! :

  • first bonus visual: a clock The clock consists in adding 15 seconds to the allotted time. So you will have 45 seconds instead of 30 to finish the level.

  • second bonus visual: the fist The fist gives more strength to your pressures. Flies will resist you less.

  • third bonus visual: a fly swatter The fly swatter is a formidable weapon! It's radius offers a significant shooting area. Several flies will fall at the same time under a swatter. Combined with the fist it gets rid of any ominous fly.

  • fourth bonus visual: a lightning Fourth and last bonus but not least, the lightning.The flies instantly falls down when you enable this bonus. Only Boss flies resist it.

Level end

The level ends if all the flies have fallen or the time has elapsed. You win if all the flies have fallen in time. A green banner shows your victory and a "Next level" button appears. You lose if the time has elapsed and at most one fly is still flying. Then a red banner shows your failure and a "Retry" button appears to reload the level. Losing is not penalizing. You can try again as many times as you want. On the other hand, after five attempts, with no bonus, you should restart a new game.

won level end visual

You lose! end level screen visual

Auto save and restore

Each time a new level starts, the game saves your progress. Thus, if you leave the game, simply press Play on the title screen to get back to the last level you arrived and with all the bonuses you had accumulated until the last backup. Note that the mode in which you play is also preserved. For example, if you start a "Boss Fights" new game and you quit the game, by pressing Play you get back to your "Boss Fights" game where you left it.

Game modes

Game mode selection screen visual.

"Hardcore" mode 

The hardcore mode is a special mode for those who want a more challenging game. There's no boss and no bonus. You only have 20 seconds to finish a level. If you lose, you restart from the beginning. The best score is saved so you can compete against yourself or other players. Pushing the "Hardcore" button from title screen starts a new game and replaces the current saved game.

"Boss Fights" bonus mode 

Finishing level 160 unlocks the "Boss Fights" mode. This special mode consists in a succession of Boss levels. Pushing the "Boss Fights" button from title screen starts a new game and replaces the current saved game.

"God's Hand" bonus mode 

Finishing level 24 in "Boss Fights" mode unlocks the "God's Hand" mode. In this very special mode, the bonuses are reloaded to full stock (9 of each bonus) at the beginning of each level. Moreover, the flies will fall even if you leave your finger upon the screen, or if you don't release the mouse click in case of playing with a mouse. You can clean the screen a lot easier! Pushing the "God's Hand" button from title screen starts a new game and replaces the current saved game.

Demo specific information

The Flies, fly away! demo version is an incomplete version of the game. You will not encounter any boss nor grab any bonus. There is no save / restore option except for the sound setting. You only have 20 seconds to finish a level. If you lose you start again from the beginning of the game. There is only one background, the cow. Finally, there is only one musical theme, Can-can.

Technical information

Android device (smartphone or tablet) version of the game (current version 1.1.0):

Minimal Android version required
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Minimum requirement for memory (RAM)
1 GB
Minimum requirement for storage
75 MB
Known issues
Problem with the Magnification gesture accessibility setting. Please disable it.
This game is incompatible with screen readers.