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This site does not collect any personal data and does not use cookies.

At YLMiniGames, we dislike when "Privacy policy" actually means "Privacy breach policy". Also, at YLMiniGames, we do not like untimely advertising. Many actors on the web choose to collect your personal data to offer you more relevant advertising. YLMiniGames chooses a solution that seems even more relevant: to bother you neither with advertising nor consent forms. You will not see any ads on the site. You will not see any advertising in the games. Neither the site nor the games collect your personal data. Games will not require special access to your devices or the Internet unless the game features require it.

Clarification on advertising, the opinion of the director of the publication

The term advertising, as the name implies, means "a trait of what is made public". Every business enterprise needs to advertise its product so that it has a chance to be bought. Indeed, as a consumer, you can not want to buy a product without knowing its existence. This is particularly the case when the product does not represent an essential need. YLMiniGames video games may also need advertising. You could see some one day on online stores or in the search engines on the web or even perhaps in other publishers games, on which you are notified that there are ads.

What I do not like is the attacks on freedom and privacy. As I do not like it, I will not impose it on you in my games nor on my website. What I mean by "attacks on freedom" with respect to advertising (in the sense of making public) is the fact of not being able to choose not to see or hear advertising. For example, during an unsolicited interruption of your activity (eg playing a video game) in order to display advertising. Advertising is imposed on you. This is even more embarrassing that the interruption can last a long time. For this reason, YLMiniGames games will not display advertisements. Video games, only video games.

As for privacy breaches caused by advertising, I see several cases concerning the collection of data allowing the personalization of content, and thus also the targeted advertising, said more relevant.

  • Recently, the collection and sharing of user data is subject to its consent, at least in the European Union. It has not always been the case and we are informed by the media that there have already been abuses. In addition, the consent forms are a great foil. They cause a considerable loss of time for the user.
  • Not all alone in front of the screen, the content and the personalized announcements can inform the guests about the centers of interest, the musical tastes, the political opinions, etc. In addition, certain content or shopping consultations may result in advertisements or the highlighting of unwanted content.

For these reasons, I do not want to collect personal data to feed the targeted ads, or for anything else.

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