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You are on your way to meet the animals of the farm but the flies make irruption. Make them all fall in a limited time. Flies, fly away! is about hitting flies in front of farm animals on classical music background. Exciting, right?! :D

Title screen visual

Flies... lots of flies!

Level full of flies

Levels will contain more and more flies. You will only have 30 seconds to deal with them. Several species of flies will appear. Each species has its own speed and resistance.

A simple casual game

"Flies, fly away!" is a delirious and catchy game for the whole family. Children enjoy! Suitable for kids from 3 years old. However, it is intended for all ages. It will give a hard time even to the oldest! The fastest flies will play with your reflexes!

The fly swatter in action

Boss levels!

First Boss visual

From the beginning of the game you will meet a very big fly, very resistant. As your adventure progresses, you will encounter flies that are more and more resistant and faster and faster. And the stronger ones will be small and hard to catch!

"Uncle, I want to play flies!"

Beloved nephews and nieces

Bonuses! Hallelujah!

Luckily you will frequently have bonus levels to fill your stocks. The bonuses will offer a great help! Combine them to overcome any recalcitrant fly! The swatter is a formidable weapon, use it wisely!

Bonus level visual

Several game modes to make the pleasure last!

New game mode selection screen visual

From the beginning of the game, in addition to the normal mode, you will have access to the "Hardcore" mode. This mode does not contain bonuses and you will have less time to finish the levels for a higher challenge. In addition, if you arrive far enough in the game, you can unlock two special modes: "Boss Fights" and "God's Hand".